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Affiliate income earned through your blog can be a really great way to make passive income. When you’ve worked hard to build your blog and its audience you can put in a little more effort to make sure that affiliate income is part of your income. With some upfront work you can then sit back and let the money roll in. It all sounds awesome, doesn’t it? So let’s see what we need to do to make this work for you and your blog.

You don’t want to shove your affiliate links down people’s throats. The best way to not seem too pushy is to include your links in an article or blog post you’re writing. By only endorsing products that you really believe in you can make sure that you don’t come across like a salesperson. Your readers will appreciate your honest, and if you plug something that you really believe in your honesty will come through in your writing.

Do you have a weekly email? You really should as it’s proven to be a great way to reach your readers. Simply put a snippet in your email blast about your product. This is a great way to get your affiliate link in people’s faces without then realizing it. Increase your leads checkout┬áVincent Ortega Jr.’s Online Sales Pro.

Make sure you can link back to your blog if you guest post elsewhere. Guest posting is a great way to get your name out on the internet. If you can have a byline at the end of your article you can quickly guarantee some people will come visit your blog. And once they’re there and engaged: boom. Affiliate income.

Don’t just slap affiliate links all over your blog. It’s exhausting and your readers will see right through you and know that you’re in it for the money. Try to work with high quality companies. This is a perfect time to contact companies you already use and love. They’ll get placement on a busy blog with lots of readers and you have the opportunity to make some extra income. Sounds like a win-win.

Affiliate income is just one key to your financial puzzle. It does take a little legwork at the beginning to get it set up and working in your favor, but shouldn’t be something that you stress out about constantly. Visit other blogs and see how those authors have woven their links into their writing. Experiment and see what works for you, and then watch the income roll in.